This shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Wearing//Crop Top and Skirt from Pixie Market, Sunglasses by Cotton On, Watch by Jolli Time.

As soon as I got this rad shirt from Rooftops NYC, I was super excited to wear it around town.  Brian and I headed to Circus Liquor, where the scene in Clueless was filmed, and took a bunch of shots.  We styled the shirt with my BDG Overalls from Urban Outfitters and Cotton On boots.  I’m so stoked to support awesome clothing companies, especially ones based out of New York City!  Head over to their site for more cool products and let me know if you find any other brands I should check out!

Check out this super sweet post about me on the Piece Apparel Blog!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand :)

Fourth of July Style 🇺🇸
Wearing// Swimsuit by Nasty Gal

Up on the American Apparel website!

Up on the American Apparel website!

I wore some new Piece Apparel goodies last night and to the beach today. Check out their site & if you buy anything, use the code BRIT20 to get 20% off! ✌️☀️❤️

My boyfriend brianwmoreland and I went on the Warner Brothers VIP tour in Burbank yesterday and saw so many awesome things! First we walked around the NY City style block (photo 1). Then we checked out some costumes and items from the Harry Potter movies, the Privet Drive street sign (2), giant scary tarantula (3), petrified Hermione (4), and Fred and George Weasley’s outfits (5). Right below that was a room of Batman memorabilia, where I stood in front of a wall of classic Batman masks (6). Then we went to the archive room where the entire set of Central Perk from Friends has been recreated (7,8). Next up, we toured the storage room of old prop and set pieces, including this old board for mug shots and police lineups (9). Finally, we saw the front of the Alibi Room from Shameless (10). It was so cool to see all of the iconic places and items from TV shows and movies. Brian and I had a great day!

Wearing// American Apparel crop top, Forever 21 skirt, American Apparel shoes, Jolli Time watch, J. Crew headband

Some behind the scene photos from my shoot yesterday with Naughty Monkey Shoes!  Hair and makeup, lots of selfies, & a sneak-peek!



Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to shoot with American Apparel. We met at Malibu Creek State Park. There were about 15 models, the photographer, and her assistants. After a short hike up the trail, we arrived at a gorgeous creek. We all changed into our swimsuits and got ready for a day of shooting. Here are some behind-the-scenes shots:





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I had some fun in the sun for Memorial Day floating around on my giant pretzel from Urban Outfitters and wearing a brand new American Apparel swimsuit. Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Shot by bdpsdiary 🇺🇸🍍

For Brian’s birthday, I got him a Crosley Record Player.  Last night, we thought it would be fun to shoot some photos using it.  In the first three photos, I am wearing his Ralph Lauren cardigan, Victoria’s Secret undies, and Cotton On sunglasses.  In the fourth and fifth pictures, I’m wearing his Benny Gold socks and a new sweatshirt we designed together with the words “Get Buck. Wizard Status.” and a drawing of a wizard holding a staff of beer cans. Shot by @bdpsdiary